Tenant Eviction Cleanout

If you’re a Property Manager or Landlord you know that preparing a vacated rental home for new tenants requires a great deal of work. There can be repairs, cleaning, possibly new carpeting and painting. But sometimes the previous tenants will leave unwanted items and junk behind.

This means you also have to deal with the task of junk cleanup and removal to the Landfill

Apartments Need Cleanouts, Too

Although most prior tenants leave an apartment clean and empty, there are always a few who leave behind things. Apartment clean outs usually involve furniture, old mattresses, piles of clothes and garbage or large amounts of junk that must be removed and disposed of.

Someone Has to Get Rid of the Junk

Cleaning out apartments can be a tough task that requires hard work. And when old furniture and other large junk items get left behind, someone has to haul these bulky items through hallways and sometimes, down stairs.

It’s unfortunate when a landlord has to dispose of a tenant’s possessions. And when a renter leaves because of an eviction it can be a difficult experience for everyone. In these situations, many tenants never fully clean the apartments before the leave. This is true for renters who break their leases and move out without notice, as well.

The same thing can occur with rental homes. Although larger property management companies usually have the resources to handle these situations, many property managers have to spend their own time and money to get rid of the junk.

And, unfortunately, most of the abandoned items are seen as worthless “junk” the tenants didn’t bother taking and now needs to be gotten rid of.

Before Yard Clean UpBefore Yard Clean Up

Property Management Involves Cleanouts

Property managers and rental professionals also work with rental homes, vacation properties, duplexes, triplexes, and other types of leased properties. Tenants might fill these rentals with large amounts of furniture and belongings which end up getting left behind when they move out.

As every property manager knows, each day the rental property sits unoccupied is a day without rental income. tweet this

And, like apartment managers, they can be overwhelmed by the task of junk hauling. Since these units can’t be leased until the junk is removed and the property is cleaned. As every property manager knows, each day the rental property sits unoccupied is a day without rental income.

Recycling During A Cleanout

Junk disposal does not always mean going into landfills. In fact, junk hauling and junk disposal can actually contribute to recycling efforts when done correctly. Because there can be a wide variety of items involved in a foreclosure cleanout.

Although it may not be apparent to most of us, it’s been shown that almost everything that ends up in the waste stream can be recycled or reused. And there are a number of common materials in large junk items that are prime candidates for recycling.

By being aware of these materials and being intentional with our junk disposal practices we can make a huge difference. Foreclosure cleanouts can generate large amounts of trash and junk, and most of it is made of recyclable material. The point here is that not everything that gets hauled away during a foreclosure cleanout will go to the dump, especially when you have Move Me Now handle it for you.

Move Me Now is proud to be a green junk removal service. But “being green” also means we donate, repurpose, and reuse everything from clothing, toys, baby cribs and strollers to office furniture and supplies.

Do you offer labor and trucks to remove items from a foreclosure?

Yes, sometimes in a cleanout situation there is a lot of junk and debris left behind which must be removed to prepare for sale. Move Me Now has trained professionals who have years of experience performing foreclosure cleanouts and janitorial cleaning services on foreclosed homes.

When we perform a trash out on a foreclosed home, we clear the entire house and yard of any junk, clutter or debris lying around. We will even take junk or old appliances that are not connected, broken or outdated if you want them gone. Junk King can also rip out carpeting, tear down drywall, or perform other demo services upon request.

If you need a foreclosure sales cleaning, we can provide a thorough janitorial service to get the home looking clean and smelling fresh. There are no foreclosure cleanout companies who understand foreclosure trash outs better! Call Move Me Now to schedule your foreclosure cleanout service.

What can you remove from a foreclosure cleanout?

When it comes to foreclosure clean-outs, you never know what you could be walking into. As a real estate agent or new home owner, you could have a foreclosure that is full of junk and clutter all over the house and yard. Move Me Now understands what it takes to get a home back in good condition and ready for sale.

We start by removing all the trash and debris on the inside and outside of the home. We collect all the junk in heavy duty trash bags and load them into our dump trucks to take to the landfill. Then we prepare to load any items that can be donated or salvaged as well as any broken appliances or lawn equipment that can be recycled. We even remove large items like junked cars, boats or above ground pools that are infested with bacteria.

If you have any other questions about what can be removed from a foreclosure home, give us a call at Move Me Now today.